Spring Clean Your Wellness Routine

Now that we have adjusted to the time change and it is officially Spring, it feels like a great time to spring clean your wellness routine. That might look like focusing on fueling your body with healthy, clean foods so you feel your best, adding in a daily walk or decluttering an area of your life. Here are a few of my favorite spring cleaning tips for a healthier you:

  1. Change up your exercise routine. Maximize your time spent working out by trying an interval routine or incorporate a new strength training workout such as Pilates or Yoga.
  2. Meal-Prep daily. This time of year is notorious for being busy with kids activities and hectic schedules.  Planning ahead for meals and snacks saves you both time and money.
  3. Clear a space in your home for you to relax. Create a space to unwind. Clear a space in your bedroom to read or journal – or a space in your favorite room to stretch/meditate.
  4. De-Clutter your life. Wellness is more than what you eat or your activity level. Having less stress in your life plays a huge part in your overall health. Clean up your routines by having a day to organize a room of your home and donate items you don’t need or use. Try de-cluttering your calendar. Its okay to say “no” sometimes. Your time is valuable, use it as you wish.
  5. Spend more time outdoors. Take advantage of the longer days and soon to be warmer weather, by spending as much time outdoors as you can. Walk during your lunch breaks or after dinner. Walk with a friend during your kids sports activities rather than sitting in your car. Eat lunch and dinner outside and enjoy nature.

Contact the spa and schedule a Wellness Consultation with Robin Neeb, RD, your personal mentor to guide you on your path to feeling great.