Makeup Services and Application at Centre Spa in Kalamazoo

Centre Spa & Wellness offers a suite of makeup services. Whether you’re in need of makeup application for bridal parties, an upcoming school dance, or an important interview, our team of trained professionals can help you look your best. Performing false eyelash application, bridal makeup services, and customized makeup lessons, we utilize only high-quality Mineral Makeup products to ensure that your skin looks stunning, healthy, and blemish-free.

General Makeup Services


Makeup Application and Lessons

Superior quality Mineral Makeup products dramatically improve the look of any complexion giving the illusion of clear, healthy, blemish-free skin with just a light coverage and can be applied it in seconds.

Makeup Application

Makeup application for a natural day-time look or a dramatic evening look. The final accent before an event, dance, date night or just because you deserve it.

Makeup Lesson

A customized lesson to help you put your best face forward every day. The lesson includes a makeup application, along with instruction on technique, colors and tools. We encourage you to bring in your current products and tools for review. Your makeup artist can help incorporate them into your daily routine.

False Eyelash Application

An application of natural lashes or more dramatic lashes can be added to any makeup service.

Seasonal Freshen Up

Change your style for a new season with a seasonal refresh of your makeup.

Just Eyes

Looking for makeup services on just your eyes? Let Centre Spa & Wellness help!

Lash Curl & Tinting

Coming Mid-October.

Lash Curl
Lash Tint
Curl + Tint

Bridal Makeup Services


Bridal Makeup

Our artists will help translate your ideas into reality. Creating a unique, picture-perfect look for your special day. A bridal trial is suggested at least three months in advance. Learn more about our bridal makeup services by clicking here.

Bridal Trial Makeup

See how your makeup will look on your big day with a bridal makeup trial.

Bridal Makeup Day of Event w/ Trial

The bridal makeup artists at Centre Spa & Wellness will create a gorgeous look that lasts all through your wedding day and night.