Move More!

There are many benefits to regular physical activity, beyond losing weight or looking better in your clothes. Regular activity improves all areas of your life including better sleep quality, improves energy level and memory. Exercise can make you happier and live longer, too!

Once you get in the habit of moving, you will never want to stop. The key is to find activities that are right for you, something you love!!

  • Register for a local race or walk and support your community as well as your own health
  • Turn “meeting over coffee” into a walk
  • Try a new group exercise class, such as yoga, pilates or barre classes
  • Walk while at your child’s sporting events or practice
  • Take regular walks with family, friends or pets
  • Join a community athletic league and meet new people – soccer, tennis, golf
  • Bike or walk to a friends house or to run errands

Spring is here and the weather is improving, so there is no excuse to not get out today and move more! Exercise and physical activity can be fun. It gives you a chance to relax, enjoy the outdoors and spend time with family and friends. Everyone Benefits from Exercise!!!

Centre Spa and Wellness is excited to be a Community Partner at this years Borgess Run For The Health Of It! Be sure to visit us Saturday, May 6th during the expo at the Wings Event Center and on Sunday, May 7th after the race in Tent City.

Contact the Spa and schedule a Wellness Consultation with Robin Neeb, RDN, your personal mentor to guide you on your path to feeling great!