Manicures and Pedicures have more Benefits than just Cosmetic Appeal

-Pedicures can help with early detection of nail or foot problems.

-The leg and foot massage stimulates blood and lymphatic flow, not only giving your tired feet relief but also promoting its health.

-Increased nail health. Buffing your nail increases blood flow to the area. This blood flow then carries nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable to the nails.

-Pedicures can help slough off dead skin cells, leaving your feet clean and tidy.

-Receiving pedicures can be a huge stress reliever.

-Having your toe nails done regularly will not only clean them out of disease-causing germs and dead skin cells, but it will become virtually impossible for you to get ingrown nails too.


Caring for nails is a healthy habit as it prevents dry skin, softens rough edges and reduces the tendency of obtaining ingrown fingernails.

– Manicures prevent wrinkles on the nails
– Massaging with cream increases the blood circulation in hands
– Any damages in nails like fragile tips, wear and tear, and splits can be prevented
– It increases the flexibility and suppleness of wrist and hands

– Use of wax, oils, creams to cleanse, exfoliate and improve the texture of nails and skins