Back to a Healthier You!

As the lazy days of summer come to an end, take time to embrace this back-to-school season and create healthy routines for you and your family. Having a routine can greatly improve your health and performance benefiting both students and parents getting ready for the new school year.

  • Get more sleep. A good night’s sleep will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the new day. Your daily routine influences your quality of sleep. Try to maintain a consistent time for going to bed and walking the next morning.
  • Start your day with breakfast! Eating breakfast fuels your body for the day. Try the following recipe for those busy mornings. Prep the night before and grab and go in the morning.

Overnight Oats

Prepare a 1:1 ratio of raw oats and your choice of milk, yogurt or almond milk;  add desired toppings and let soak 8 hours to allow oats to absorb all the liquid. Be creative with your toppings – fresh or frozen fruit, bananas, peanut butter, nuts, cinnamon, honey or dried fruit.

  • Make exercise a priority. Set your alarm a little earlier to go to the gym, plan a walking lunch break or run/walk during your children’s activities or practices. Whatever works best for your schedule, its important to make time for exercise.

Think of the new season as a fresh start to create healthy habits.

Contact the spa and schedule a Wellness Consultation with Robin Neeb, RD, your personal mentor to guide you on your path to feeling great!