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Eat Local. Eat Healthy.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly or even confusing. It can actually be easy, especially this time of year when fresh local foods are all around.


The act of focusing one’s full attention on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgement. We all lead busy, stressful lives and our health if paying the price. When you take small breaks and live in the moment, put away phones and electronics, a whole new world awaits. By practicing being mindful you can improve your physical health in many ways.

A Healthy Harvest Guide!

Now that it is starting to feel a little more like Fall, we can enjoy the produce that is at its peak right now! The following fruits and vegetables are not only delicious but full of nutrition. A perfect excuse to get cooking on cool nights.

Why Schedule a Wellness Consultation?

We are bombarded with information all day, every day on ways to look and feel better. You can look up recipes, workouts and healthy tips from just about anywhere, but what do you do with all that information? As your Wellness Mentor, I am here to help you sort through all the information and improve your quality of life by approaching your health from lifestyle changes.