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Spring Clean Your Wellness Routine

Now that we have adjusted to the time change and it is officially Spring, it feels like a great time to spring clean your wellness routine. That might look like focusing on fueling your body with healthy, clean foods so you feel your best, adding in a daily walk or decluttering an area of your life. Here are a few of my favorite spring cleaning tips for a healthier you.

Eat Better, Not Less

The theme for 2018 is “Go Further with Food”. Whether you are starting the day off right with a healthy breakfast of fueling before an athletic event, the foods you choose for each meal can make a real difference.

Be Thankful

November is a time to give thanks and celebrate family. The days are getting cooler and we crave comfort food and coziness. We travel great distances and welcome others to our table to spend Thanksgiving together. Why? Because it brings us with family and friends where we share traditions, stories and give thanks. Wouldn’t it be great to experience this more often (on a much smaller scale, of course) and reap the many benefits of sharing a family meal?

Stress-Free Holidays

The holidays are among us – a time of year that’s known for its busy nature that can lead to stress. After all, you likely have several invitations to gatherings collecting on your counter, a long list of people you need to send holiday cards to, and the daunting task of braving the shopping mall.