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Facial Treatments

The facial treatments available at Centre Spa & Wellness are ideal for men, women and young adults. Aiming to help correct sun damage, limit the effects of environmental factors and reduce stress, facials are a great way to kick back, relax and unwind after a long day… or long couple of days! We offer a number of distinct facial treatments, including deep-cleansing facials, micro-exfoliation and Aveda skin treatments to lift and firm skin, reduce wrinkles and improve smoothness. To learn more about the benefits of regular facial treatments, click here.

Mini Beautifying Facial

Aiming to reduce sensitivities and restore your skin’s hydration and moisture, our mini beautifying facial is a soothing treatment that visibly enhances, cleans and freshens your skin. We are confident that you will love the benefits of this botanically-rich facial treatment.

30 minutes                                   50


European Deep-Cleansing Facial

Starting with a deep pore cleanse that utilizes enzyme peeling and steam to reduce surface impurities, this facial is followed by a personalized mask. We finish the treatment with a calming, relaxing anti-stress facial massage. A must for radiant and healthy complexions, we use only natural botanical and herbal products to ensure perfect balance and amazing therapeutic benefits.

50 minutes                                  65


High Performance Facials
*Extractions Included*
60 minutes                                 80

-Pumpkin Peel

A powerful anti-oxidant, fermented, unfiltered pumpkin boasts over one hundred nutrients. Our pumpkin facial peel contains the richest sources of beta-carotene and vitamin A derivatives, lending your skin a healthy, radiant texture.

-Vitamin C

After you’ve experienced one of our deep pore cleansings, a powerful concentration of stabilized vitamin C is applied. This is followed by the most current formulation of a high-tech, pure freeze-dried seaweed. Our vitamin C treatment counteracts the effects of the sun, restores youthfulness and renders the skin a luminous appearance.


A combination of seaweed from Brittney’s Sea and propolis from the Jura Mountains, our gentle Plantomer mask soothes, strengthens and heals the skin, all while providing an essential boost of hydration. The result is deeply hydrated skin that appears tight, refreshed, vital and healthy.



Specifically formulated and proven to provide healing to skin with microcirculation conditions, rosacea is an anti-inflammatory treatment that is rich in licorice and green tea extract. The treatment aims to eliminate blotchy, irritated areas and leave the skin feeling cool, comfortable and relieved.


Add ons;
Micro-Exfoliation                                                          50
Extractions                                                                    10
Ginko Eye Treatment                                                  25



In order to achieve maximum results, it is highly recommended that the following professional facial treatments are received once a week for six week. Series pricing is available. Please remove contact lenses beforehand.



Our advanced microderm equipment uses medical grade baking soda propelled at high speed with mild suction to create spectacular results! This session includes a glycolic peel followed by an oxygen treatment and facial massage. Micro-exfoliation decreases fine lines, sun damage, age spots and pore size. It improves acne, uneven skin tone and increases collagen production.

First time introductory price          50
Each visit after                                  125



Rejuvenates sagging muscles, softens fine lines, smooths wrinkles, reduces pore size and improves skin texture. Light therapy with micronized currents erase years from your skin.

First time introductory price          50
Each visit after                                  125


Advanced LumiLift

Includes micro-exfoliation.

First time introductory price         100
Each visit after                                  200



A blend of wavelengths and colored lights correct skin conditions such as acne, age spots, redness and photo-damaged skin. Does not promote redness or peeling.

First time introductory price             50
Each visit after                                     150


Advanced LumiFacial

Includes micro-exfoliation.

First time introductory price              50
Each visit after                                      225