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Moroccanoil Hair Styling, Finishing and Conditioning

Internationally known for its ability to revitalize damaged hair, Moroccanoil is a mainstay in the industry and an easy addition to every salon and spa. Able to restore hair to its original shiny, manageable and smooth luster, it is an argan oil-based hair treatment that revolutionized hair care. Growing into a complete line of products, Moroccanoil offers only the highest quality hair and body products and has built a reputation for its ability to deliver consistent – and stunning – results.

The benefits of Moroccanoil treatment

  • Achieve silky, shiny and healthy hair
  • Versatility allows it to be used for conditioning, styling and finishing
  • Infuses the hair, ensuring that it has the nutrients it needs
  • Improves manageability and reduces tangling
  • Leaves no dull or noticeable residue